First a burl technique was applied, then a wavy pierce design was done with turquoise cabs applied. The lid has a turquoise nugget ontop of a piece of cholla.

This uniquely challenging design involves colored circles with different piercing in the middle of each one. A glass top finishes the design.

A Burl technique was applied to the top of the gourd with a wavy piercing design. Turquoise cabs were inlayed in the middle. The lid is a mesquite burl with turquoise.

These two unique deisgns incorporate wavy piercing. The blue design has gold leafing applied and a blue crystal on the lid. The gold design has a fossil on the lid and different dyes applied.

The bottom has a burl technique done on it, then piercing was done in a wave pattern with mesquite burl cabs. The top is a carved piece of mesquite with piercing.

Gold leaf was applied in this diamond design. Burling was applied in the middle of it along with an abalone shell cab. The lid has gold leaf, stix and a green rock.

This gourd has a splash technique done on it and variegated gold leaf on the removable wavy lid. On the lid is a carved mesquite topper.

This gourd has a fish fossil in the middle with a special piercing design around it. It has a mottled dye and a fossil is on the lid. 

A pierced drip design was done on this yellow dyed gourd and a yellow crystal adorns the top.

This unique pink design has a black dimpled removable wavy top with variegated gold leaf and a pink cracked geode.

Bronze blue patina was applied to this hash mark pattern with a fossil inlayed in the middle. The lid is a Mesquite Burl with a fossil inlayed and it stands on a Mesquite base.

Embelished Gourds

First a slight burling technique was done on the gourd, then a bronze patina was added to the removable wavy lid. Finally a carved mesquite topper was added.


A Bronze Patina is applied to the wavy dimple part of this gourd, along with carved out areas and the handmade lid. A cracked geode adorns the top with stix in a barrel.

A unique piercing design was done on this gourd after a dye was applied. Fossils were inlayed in the middle and one adorns the lid. It stands on a stone base.

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Copper Patina is applied in this dimple pattern. A Fossil was inlayed in the middle and is on the top. It stands on a stone base.

A dyed burling technique was done, then a bronze patina was applied to the removable lid. Then an antler shed was attached to the lid.

These are examples of gourds that have some piercing techniques.  

These are examples of gourds that have different patina processes.  

These are examples of gourds that have some Gold Leaf techniques.  

These are examples of gourds that have different techniques.  

These are examples of  Vase shape gourds that have different techniques.  

These are examples of small gourds that have different techniques. Sizes range from 3-5"

This gourd has a purple mottled dye applied. The wavy removable lid has an amythyst on top.

A gold leaf design was applied on this gourd along with a burl technique. Turquoise cabs were inlayed and a turquoise chunk is on the lid.

This gourd has a mottled dye that sparkles. The removable wavy lid has a sliced geode on it.

This unique gourd has a splash technique, giving it the dripping look. Copper patina was applied  to the wavy removable lid and a copper tube has stix in it.

This gourd has burling done on it, along with copper patina. An antler shed with a turquoise cab on the end was added.

Another gourd with an antler shed on the lid, it also has the burling and a painted bright blue line.

This gourd has the burl technique, along with a wavy copper patina. Bear paws were carved into the gourd and a carved bear tagua nut adorns the top of the removable lid.

This colorful design was dyed many different colors with some texturing applied.  A colored glass ball is on the lid.

A green mottle dye was applied with some sparkle added. A dimple wavy line divides the removable lid from the bottom of the gourd and a green crystal adorns the top.

This vase shaped gourd has a burl technique and bronze patina. A shed antler wrapes the gourd and it stands on a mesquite base.

Piercing makes a wave in the middle of this vase. A mesquite burl cab was inlayed and a it stands on a mesquite base.

A splash technique was applied to this gourd with piercing in the middle. Small turquoise studs surround the gourd and it stands on a mesquite base.

These two small gourds have the splash technique and have sliced geode tops.

These small gourds feature different stone inlay and matching stone tops.

A burling technique was applied, then Bronze patina was applied to this dimple pattern with a turquoise cab inlayed in the middle. The lid is Mesquite with piercing and it stands on a Mesquite base.