Carved Dog Ears add a unique element to the headrest

Burl and Exotic Wood Rockers
We can make all our rocker designs out of burl and exotic woods. Each one is a true one of a kind, since the wood varies in color and detail so greatly. A rocker can have just hints of burl or exotic woods in it or consist mostly of those woods. If you wish to see more photos that are not on this site, please notifiy us and we will be happy to email you more detailed shots and pictures of other pieces that are not on here.

This new Bentwood rocker is made from Cherry and Ash. The color contrast really stands out in this rocker. The Ash was used for the two bentwood legs and the back of the bentwood slats. Cherry was layed ontop of the upper part of the legs and the slats. Cherry was also used for the seat and headrest.

Professional photo by George Post

Call for prices on all rockers. Prices vary depending on wood choice and rocker style. There is a premium for Mesquite, exotic and burl woods.

This beauty has been a long time coming. We have been wanting to create a rocker from curly maple and it finally has been completed. It is such a contrast to the darker woods we usually work with and is a real standout, going with either light or dark woods. The close up of the headrest shows the incredible figure in the curly maple. Ebony was used for accents, inlayed into the runners and for plugs. And the color contrast is incredible. This is Scott's favorite rocker and just might stay ours.

Professional photos by George Post  

We specialize in Rocking chairs, but have been creating fine furniture for over 20 years. Please inquire for more information


Shangrila II Rocker made from Bubinga
This beautiful photo to the left was taken out at our place by Photographer Brian Leddy. He came to do a photo shoot for New Mexico Magazine. The rocker sold soon after and we are glad to have this photo. This style of rocker really showed off the beautiful grain of the Bubinga wood. Being an exotic wood, Bubinga has some incredible figure to it, as you can see in the headrest. This is one of my favorite woods.


We now offer three different desk chair styles. All styles now come with a five wheel base that adjusts up and down, tilts and swivels. The wheels are a non marking style, but if you prefer the antique look, those can be ordered instead. We cover the wheel base (each style is different) with hand shaped wood to hide the metal and dress up the look. Each style can be made from most woods. There is a premium charged for Mesquite, Exotic and Burl woods. Please see below for all different styles that we create. 

Original style-Flat  or Round Arms
MESQUITE Office Chair
Our original style office chair has five spindles, has straighter lines and is a little shorter than the rocker style. This style features our carved seat, hand shaped arms and headrest and our ergonomic lumbar support. The wheel base does not have as much wood covering it and is like the picture to the left. This office chair was made from beautiful mesquite for a TX customer and features the shorter dog ears and the wider flat arms. This chair also can have the flexible back.
Prices vary on wood choice.

Curly Cherry Desk Chair-Original style
This chair was made from gorgeous curly cherry with cherry burl on the back spindle faces. It features the taller dog ears and the wider flat arms. It has all the same features as the other original style desk chairs.


This is our low profile office chair style. It is based on our lowback chair design. This particular chair is made from "Forest Reclaimed" Alligator Juniper and went with our "Running Wild" Horse Theme desk. We inlayed turquoise into the natural cracks to blend it in with the desk and a leather upholstered seat was used, versus our carved seat. A handshaped wood base was used to cover the metal mechanism, which adjusts up and down, tilts and swivels. This desk chair can be made out of most woods and have our carved seat. This lower profile desk chair would work great with any style of desk.
Prices vary on wood choice

Just for sitting with your sweety
This Black Walnut Settee
 is a Maloof inspired design that features hand carved seats, handshaped arms and backrest and ebony plugs. We put all our heart and soul into this piece, so you and your sweety can sit side by side in this magnificent work of art. Place it in your foyer or looking out at a beautiful view. No matter where, you won't be disappointed.
 Prices vary on wood choice.

Carved Dog Ears

All our chairs are custom made to order. We have several designs pictured below, but will also work with your design ideas and needs. The prices vary depending on the design and wood choice. However, we do offer quantity discounts. There is a premium charged for mesquite, exotic and burl woods.

There are many benefits to rocking in a rocking chair. Be it to relax the lower back after a long day, to calm a crying infant or to nurse a baby. Rocking is a favorite pastime. So why not buy a rocking chair that is not only comfortable but an artistic and an heirloom piece as well.
See our Creative Process page

Stephanie's Bent Wood Rocker
Made from Black Walnut and Mesquite this rocker is our newest design, featuring bentwood lamination. The walnut legs were bent in a form for a week each. The mesquite arms were bent in a separate form ontop of the legs. The back lumbar supports were bentwood laminations formed to fit the curve of your back and mold to your body, with a slight flexing to them. The mesquite carved seat was made to float over the back of the legs and has a very strong joint where it meats the legs. The headrest was also made from mesquite. The combination of the walnut and mesquite was a beautiful blend. This rocker is like nothing out there in artistic beauty and comfort. This style can be made out of most woods. 
To see the construction process of this rocker, visit our blog

Black Walnut Rocker
This photo above does not do this rocker justice. The figure throughout this Oregon Black Walnut rocker was incredible. The headrest was bookmatched, using splines, to show off the figure. This is a hard technique, but well worth the trouble. The flexible slats were also layed out showing off the figure in the walnut. This was a real beauty all around.

Copyrite         2002-2017 Scott and Stephanie Shangraw. All rights reserved.

Professional photos by Richard T. Bryant
Professional Photos by Richard T. Bryant

Dinning Chair
This chair is perfect for a table. It has a carved seat, hand shaped arms and a back lumbar support to ensure comfort. This chair was made from mesquite, but it can be made out of many types of woods.

Walnut Office Chair with slinder arms

Professional Photos by Richard T. Bryant
Professional Photos by Richard T. Bryant

Two Black Walnut and Ash Rockers with a side table, at their new home in front of a fireplace.

Greek God Chair
This unique chair is a mesh between two different designs. It has a carved seat and a hand shaped back support. The sweeping curves of this chair make it great for casual sitting. Can be made out of most woods.

Low Back Chair
This Maloof inspired chair has a low profile. It has a carved seat, hand shaped arms and back rest. Can be made from most woods.